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We Need To Talk About This Nasty Gal ~Dress~

Is this a dress even?

Online retailer Nasty Gal is selling this "dress."

Also, the underwear is not included, y'all.

Confusingly, the Dyspnea Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress doesn't seem to be so much a dress as a sheer netting covered in randomly placed fluffy craft store balls.

Or shower loofahs.

Maybe the trees from The Lorax were the inspiration?

Universal Pictures

Or Star Trek's Tribbles? Hello, THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES?


Whatever the case, there's no way this thing should cost $583 (which it totally does).

  1. Where would you wear this crazy Dyspnea outfit?

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Where would you wear this crazy Dyspnea outfit?
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    Your interplanetary council's annual sex party.
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    Nowhere. Ever.