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    19 Doggos Who Are Fierce Blizzard Warriors

    Paws and enjoy the snow.

    1. This little guy who's all bundled up.

    2. And this sweet girl, who's not even gonna bother getting out of bed.

    3. This big buddy, who's really digging the snow drifts.

    4. And this baby border collie who's gone for a roll in the powder.

    5. This chow who didn't even bother getting out of his pajamas.

    6. And this little lady who's all cuddled up.

    7. This doggo who's having the best time of her life.

    8. And this quietly contemplative big guy.

    9. This winter warrior.

    10. And this guy, who's got the perfect shoes for the occasion.

    11. This fearsome four-footed wonder.

    12. This wee little wanderer.

    13. This bouncing baby.

    14. And this beautiful snow angel.

    15. This snowy-snouted searcher.

    16. And this Shiba snowflake.

    17. This proud winter pup.

    18. This pup who's all dressed up with no place to be.

    19. And this guy who'd rather stay inside, TBH.