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19 Doggos Who Are Fierce Blizzard Warriors

Paws and enjoy the snow.

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1. This little guy who's all bundled up.

Instagram: @asbury_the_wonder_dog

2. And this sweet girl, who's not even gonna bother getting out of bed.

Instagram: @sashashor212

3. This big buddy, who's really digging the snow drifts.

Instagram: @colewalters

4. And this baby border collie who's gone for a roll in the powder.

Instagram: @go_katy_go

5. This chow who didn't even bother getting out of his pajamas.

Instagram: @giantdonkey

6. And this little lady who's all cuddled up.

Instagram: @abbylpeel

7. This doggo who's having the best time of her life.

Instagram: @oldmanwinter8

8. And this quietly contemplative big guy.

Instagram: @timber

10. And this guy, who's got the perfect shoes for the occasion.

Instagram: @lucyolivethedoodle

14. And this beautiful snow angel.

Instagram: @darsheree15

15. This snowy-snouted searcher.

Instagram: @kurtzjl

18. This pup who's all dressed up with no place to be.

Instagram: @theleopardist

19. And this guy who'd rather stay inside, TBH.

Instagram: @mawalsh