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    29 Things All Sephora Addicts Know To Be True

    You know who you are.

    1. FIRST OF ALL:

    2. VIP status isn't as important as VIB status.

    3. And you know that saving up your VIB points for the bigger stuff is worth the sacrifice.

    4. You pick up a Sephora basket and think, Great, but where am I gonna put MY HAUL?

    5. You walk in with a clear idea of what you need. You walk out covered in a million makeup swatches.

    6. The Sephora free makeovers are great. But then you feel compelled to buy every single product they used on your friggin' face.

    7. You just came in for one thing, but you've spent the last 20 minutes staring at the Make Up For Ever eyeshadow display.

    8. You have an Excel sheet — literally, an Excel sheet — to keep track of your beauty products.

    9. Walking through the aisles at Sephora causes a serious case of the happies.

    10. In fact, you've considered switching jobs just for all the gratis goodies.

    11. You know the most dangerous part of the shopping experience is while you're waiting in line to check out.

    12. Your relationships suffer because of your addiction.

    13. Your pets? Yeah, maybe your pets have been victimized by your overindulgences in lipstick too.

    14. You feel genuine agony when you can't get on the Sephora site immediately to buy the latest NARS palette.

    15. And then when you finally get through, you can't WAIT to get your new swag.

    16. Those little applicators that come with eyeshadow kits? You've graduated to bigger and better things.

    17. Nobody understands why you need a lip brush, a brow brush, a blush brush, and a contouring brush, but you SWEAR they're all VERY necessary.

    18. And maybe you have slightly skewed priorities.

    19. You have absolutely no willpower when it comes a new shade of Laura Mercier.

    20. It doesn't matter if you've got all the palettes already, when Urban Decay releases them all together as a set, you NEED to buy them again.

    21. Just like you NEEDED that limited edition Wild Edition Touche Éclat.

    ~needed it.~

    22. There's nothing worse than finding out that your favorite staple product is out of stock.

    23. You know realistically that there's no way you'd even use 1/10th of all the eyeshadows, glosses, and blushes in this insanely huge color palette, but you want it anyway.

    24. You have so many lipsticks, glosses, and stains that they've actually started taking over your dresser drawers.

    25. Stealing $144 worth of eyeshadow? You sort of understand where this woman is coming from.

    26. You struggle with these conflicting feelings every day.

    27. So maybe you've spent all of your disposable income (and then some) on beauty products.

    28. And you'd never leave your house without a full face on.

    29. But it doesn't matter because YOU LOOK FABULOUS.