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23 Dogs With Better Blowouts Than You

Step away from the blow dryer.

2. Can't live without Sunday brunch.

3. Froze her credit cards in a block of ice.

4. Obsessed with his iPhone.

5. Needs a pedicure so bad.

8. Not even ready for this winter.

9. On her way to Jazzercise.

10. Writes Harry Potter fanfic.

11. Just got her braces off.

12. Took a 7am Soul Cycle class and is pumped.

13. Takes herself very seriously.

15. Just came from the spa.

16. Totally thinks she's the "Charlotte" in her friend group.

(Actually the Samantha).

17. On her fourth Tinder date this week.

19. Is totally going with the flow.

20. Whoops, got a little too drunk.

21. Got ready to go to the club hours ago.

22. Still hungover from that party last night.

23. Headed back to the salon again.
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