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    People Are Returning Birkin Bags Because They Smell Like Weed

    Somewhere, Snoop Dogg is shaking his head.

    Hermès Birkin bags are some of the most coveted purses in the world.

    They're also some of the most expensive: Bags START at $20,000 — this crocodile skin one retails for $129,000

    J. Lo, Khloe Kardashian, and Rachel Zoe are all fans.

    And Victoria Beckham seems to have one to match every outfit.

    Because they're all hand made, customers can wait months and YEARS to get their hands on one.

    Which is why it was especially heartbreaking for some recent buyers, who had to return their bags after complaining that their coveted Birkins smelled like weed.

    Hermès blames the weed smell on a batch of "badly tanned" leather.

    Hermès is reportedly sending the weed-rific bags straight back to its Paris headquarters.