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Apple Brought The Peach Butt Emoji Back, Thank God

You don't know what you've butt til it's gone.

Earlier this month, Apple released a new iOS 10.2 update, and with it, a bunch of redesigned emojis.

Yeah, yeah, it was great, except, OMG, the PEACH BUTT EMOJI DISAPPEARED and was replaced with a peach that looked more, oh, I guess like an actual peach.

Not surprisingly, people freaked the fuck out.

There were even songs.

Well, it appears our peach butt prayers were answered, because Apple just decided to bring the OG emoji back as part of its latest round of beta updates.

In fact, the new peach emoji actually looks MORE like a butt than the original one.

The new series of emojis also includes a bunch of updated professions, including firefighter, pilot, and judge.

But who are you kidding? You only care about DAT BUTT.