16 People Who Were The Fucking Most At The Met Gala

    The most. The fucking most.

    1. Zoë Kravitz was a giant bow.

    2. Solange WENT FOR YELLOW.

    3. Lady Gaga definitely did Lady Gaga.

    4. Karolina Kurkova's dress literally responded to your tweets, dudes.

    Please comment on all of my social accounts b/c my dress will react to your emotions! #MetGala @IBM @MarchesaFashion

    5. Julie Macklowe is the sexy robot who will invade your nightmares.

    6. Taylor Swift is your fave prom queen robot.

    7. Claire Danes' dress actually lit up!

    8. Uh, business in front? And party in back?

    9. Nicki Minaj went hardcore.

    10. Will.i.am is just in his own zone.

    11. Zayn Malik decided to throw on his cosplaying armor.

    12. Lupita Nyong'o took things to hair-raising new heights.

    13. Kate Hudson's dress was basically imported from the future.

    14. So. Much. Mirror from Demi Lovato.

    15. Haim went hella lacy.

    16. And Kanye West's steely orbs will follow you around the room 4ever. Also, denim. DENIM. BEDAZZLED DENIM.