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    Here's What The Staff Of BuzzFeed Wore To The Prom

    Oh. What. A. Night.


    Karen Hobowsky

    Junior prom (which I planned, because of course. The theme was "starry night" ughghghgh). Horrid Jessica McClintock dress. Horrible updo and accessories. 100% hilarious. β€” Karen Hobowsky, Operations Associate


    Sarah Burton

    This was my junior prom, and I traveled to what I believed to be a boutique shop three hours away to get this dress. When I showed up with friends to take pictures, this other girl had the dress in blue. I was like, "Crap, the blue is so much better. Ugh. UGH." Let's just say her dress did not make it through the night unscathed (wink wink nudge nudge). β€” Sarah Burton, Humor Writer


    Ali Velez

    I designed this dress, and my grandmother (who was a bridal designer) made it for me. β€” Ali Velez, Staff Writer


    Lara Parker

    Duck faces + fake tans r cool. β€” Lara Parker, Editor


    Sally Tamarkin

    I'd describe my prom night look as desperately-trying-to-look-straight realness. Pretty sure this night in 1997 was the last time I wore a dress. β€” Sally Tamarkin, Senior Fitness Editor


    Ryan Creed

    Here are my prom photos and the brave women who stood by my side. β€” Ryan Creed, Managing Editor


    Chris Gera

    This is me using a pretty dope peace sign pose. I've gotten progressively less cool. β€” Chris Gera, Community Moderator


    Chrissy Mahlmeister

    Peak Myspace era, babyyyyyy. (Also not sure why this is literally the only photo I still have from that night.) β€” Chrissy Mahlmeister, Lifestyle Editor


    Gabriel Sanchez

    Yaaaa, so I'm the one on the far right. Really I had no clue how ill-fitted my suit was until BuzzFeed asked me to dig this up :( β€”Β Gabriel Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor


    Sam Stryker

    i led a grassroots voting campaign to be elected prom king and i WON!!! #FeelTheStryke β€” Sam Stryker, Senior Editor


    Rachel Christensen

    I lost a lot of weight before prom and felt really cool and pretty and then got super drunk all weekend down the Jersey Shore!!! Prom rules! β€” Rachel Christensen, Director of Social Media, BuzzFeed


    Andrea Hickey

    My school was very very small and the junior classes needed to sell enough prom tickets we were allowed to start going to prom in 9th grade. So this is me in 9th grade with my date, full of angst. β€” Andrea Hickey, Senior Designer/Illustrator


    Devin Lytle

    I was wearing an $150 dress from Macy's and feeling myself....HARD. β€” Devin Lytle, Unscripted Fellow


    Angelo Spagnolo

    I didn't have to rent a tux because I had all these ~super cool~ clothes already in my closet. β€” Angelo Spagnolo, Men's Lifestyle Writer


    James Harness
    James Harness

    "It was the best of times... it was the worst of times." β€” James Harness, Social Strategist


    Izzy Francke

    My boyfriend and me. NO idea why someone thought it was a good idea for me to sit in that chair for our pic. β€” Izzy Francke, Curatorial Fellow


    Lol. β€” Chantel Houston, Video Producer


    Krystie Yandoli

    I should've worn black. β€” Krystie Yandoli, Senior Staff Writer


    Chris Lam

    My date probably knew I was gay...Bless her heart... β€”Β Chris Lam, Junior Video Producer


    Emma Tyler

    My dress was massive. I looked like one of those birthday cakes where you stick a Barbie in the top and the entire cake is her skirt. Also, I am orange due to an incredibly aggressive spray tan. Also, I believe I made my mom add extra sequins to the top of this dress because CLEARLY there wasn't already enough going on here. β€” Emma Tyler, Junior Social Media Strategist


    Taylor Miller

    Sam is still my best friend to this day, yet I have no idea why she didn't tell me that is NOT how you do your eyebrows :( β€” Taylor Miller, Photographer


    Logan Rhoades

    This was prom senior year right after King and Queen were announced. On the right is one of my friends who won Prom King. I'm on the left with the wristband on my forearm, my collar popped, and I'm throwing up the sign of my neighborhood (HP... for Hanover Park, Illinois). Anyway, the previous year, I won a competition, so I got my prom outfit for free. I went with silver because my date was wearing a blush pink dress. And I popped my collar because I was awesome. (If you look closely, you can see my cartilage piercing). β€” Logan Rhoades, Video Producer


    Austin Hunt

    I did my best to keep Pac-Sun in business.​— Austin Hunt, Editor, News Curation


    Nyla Wissa

    Decided to go to prom with my best friend, and our photographer (also, my uncle) wanted us to take lovey dovey pictures. This is me in mid-sentence saying, "he's my best friend! I don't want to take pictures with him like we're a couple!" He agreed with me 100%. β€” Nyla Wissa, Video Curation Fellow


    Kristin Harris

    Oh god. I remember spending way too much damn money on this Betsey Johnson dress because it was the ~hip thing to do~. For some reason I thought it was a cool idea to dye my hair dark underneath, and then thought it was even COOLER to get random hot pink extensions. Pray for 2007-me. β€” Kristin Harris, Associate Celebrity Editor & Talent Relations


    Christian Zamora

    This was my junior year prom. I went with one of my best friends and we decided to dress in all black with pops of yellow and pink. Sine we were best friends, we wanted to do something fun for our photo, so she grabbed my leg and we made some silly faces β€” we didn't think much of it. A week later, we get our prom photos (we both bought pretty extensive photo packages because we thought it was going to be SUCH a fun picture) and our black-on-black blended together so much in the photo that it looks like she's ~pleasuring~ herself. And how's she's holding my leg just makes it look even worse!

    My Mormon mother refused to put the picture ANYWHERE in the house. β€”Β Christian Zamora, Celeb Writer


    Caroline Kee
    Caroline Kee

    My BFF and I who wanted to show up all the actual str8 couples in our prom party with my sequin dress and over 1 foot of height difference. Fun fact: one of these pictures made it to the front page of reddit and someone keeps re-posting it saying i'm their sister and he's my wrestler boyfriend lollllllll β€” Caroline Kee, Staff Writer


    Brett Vergara

    Me not knowing how the boutonniere works Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― β€” Brett Vergara, Associate Community Manager


    Anna Kopsky

    My prom β€” THOUGH NOT THAT LONG AGO, LIKE 5 YEARS β€” I wore Nikes with my dress and bedazzled a Batman mask with my BFF, for some goddamn reason. So they're embarrassing to me, but you can decide! β€” Anna Kopsky, Junior Community Editor


    Bryant Hua

    Don't spend all that money on prom just sitting around when there's a dance floor. β€” Bryant Hua, Social Strategist


    Sarah Han

    I spent over $300 on my prom dress and still hate myself for it. *bangs head against wall* Not over it. Here's me and my best friend lifting up our dresses like the cool, sexy people we are to show off our garters (I'm still not sure what the purpose of those were????). β€” Sarah Han, Shopping & Products Intern


    Weesie Viera

    2003 was definitely the year of those really oddly colored can't-see-my-eyes sunglasses that all the guys were rocking. I actually made the first move and asked Thom to be my date β€” you can't let the good ones slip away! I remember going to Henri Bendel in NYC for my dress, which was a bit of a departure from the formal floor-length sparkly/beady prom look. Also shout-out to Trey in the background who is clearly getting caffeinated for the long night ahead. β€” Weesie Vieira, Editorial Communications Director


    Sally Kaplan

    My dad had taken me from Florida to NYC to get my dream Nicole Miller prom dress, while my best friend refused to pay more than $20 and "went to TJ Maxx for that shit." Needless to say, her dress broke like seven separate times at prom so we spent most of it in the bathroom trying to figure out how to keep it from literally falling off her body. β€” Sally Kaplan, Shopping and Products Intern


    Augusta Falletta

    I was way, way, WAY too into hair flowers in high school. I had this one custom made to match my...purple sandstorm tiger print dress? At least my best friend looked like a knockout. β€” Augusta Falletta, Deputy Style Editor


    Erin Chack

    They made us take buses to prom because of an underage drinking incident a few years earlier. I hated the buses, but I hated prom more. I am still dating this boy though, so that's cool I guess. β€” Erin Chack, Senior Editor