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    11 Absurd Products Women Have Been Told To Buy So Men Don't Rape Them

    Much easier to tell women to go shopping than to teach men not to rape, right?

    1. This anti-rape vending machine dress.

    2. These hairy-leg tights.

    3. This "Guardian Angel" anti-rape necklace (or bracelet!).

    4. These "consent panties."

    5. Female condoms with "teeth."

    6. This anti-rape lingerie.

    7. This "anti-rape wear."

    8. This anti-rape whistle from Etsy.

    9. An anti-rape belt buckle.

    10. These "anti-molestation jackets."

    11. The "killer tampon."

    "I would be extremely uncomfortable. Again the onus is put on the woman. Men who rape women should be jailed for life. Men should not rape, end of story," said one.

    Another [woman] said Dr. Haumann has obviously had too much free time since retiring. "What kind of person thinks up such an idea? Hasn't he got better things to do?"