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49 Totally Free Tattoo Ideas

Poseidon, but instead of a trident, he's got a lacrosse stick.

Chris Ritter/

1. A single dot.

2. A half of a grapefruit.

3. A hang in there cat.

4. A fighting Irishmen fighting a boxer.

5. A pile of tricycles crashing into each other.

6. A mole tattoo in a sea of arm moles.

7. A face on your knee.

8. A mosquito behind your ear.

9. The phrase "McMuffin Zone" above your lady parts or man junk.

10. A single soup dumpling on a spoon with motion lines around it to indicate that it's wiggling.

11. Gene Wilder's face on your thigh.

12. A poop emoji under your eye like a teardrop.

13. An octopus with bananas for tentacles.

14. Your own face on your face.

15. An upside down BuzzFeed viral arrow tramp stamp.

16. A receipt from TGIFridays.

17. A Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford tattoo that incorporates a preexisting beauty mark.

Chris Ritter/

18. A couple's tattoo where one person has a block of cheese and one has macaroni.

19. A random obituary from a random newspaper.

20. A snake riding a motorcycle. And the motorcycle is on fire. And the snake riding the motorcycle that's on fire is fighting against an eagle that's wearing a Guns n' Roses cutoff shirt. All this is taking place against the backdrop of a TGIFriday's parking lot. 'MURICA.

21. A Prancercise lady hand tattoo, with two fingers as her legs.

22. Knuckle tats that say ALAN ALDA.

23. Knuckle tats that say "beans" and "beef."

24. Or knuckle tats that say "cats" and "meow."

25. Macklemore's face on your face.

26. One of those index finger mustache tattoos, but instead of a mustache it is just a smaller finger.

27. Alternately, a tattoo of a finger with a mustache tattoo right over your mouth.

28. The word YOLO in the shape of the infinity symbol.

29. Cats in the shape of Mt. Rushmore.

30. A realistic spider vein on your leg.

31. "Nickelback" and "Nickelfront."

32. "Your Welcome" as a tramp stamp.

33. "TL;DR" on your inner lip.

34. Your full name, last three addresses and social security number.

Chris Ritter/

35. A tattoo of a butt on your butt.

36. The evolution of man, except instead of humans it is a potato becoming a fry or maybe a tater tot.

37. A salad.

38. A to do list/grocery list.

39. An extra eyeball on your eyeball.

40. A tattoo that turns your butt into a face so that where your poop comes out is the mouth.

41. Your Facebook wall on your birthday.

42. The Wikipedia entry for "Grinding (dance)" including the photo

43. The words "conscious uncoupling" on a single kale chip.

44. A nude portrait of your parents.

45. The sheet music to "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

46. The lyrics to "Rude" by "Magic" on the left side of your chest over your heart.

47. A hand on your butt for high fiving purposes.

48. Poseidon, holding a lacrosse stick instead of a trident.

49. A Ninja Turtle face nose tattoo.

Chris Ritter/
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