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Plus-Size Model Tess Munster Totally Slays In Torrid's Latest Campaign

"I’ve kind of learned to embrace my sexuality through clothing, which was previously frowned upon if you were plus-sized."

Here's a sneak peek at Torrid's latest collection, modeled by the one and only plus-size goddess Tess Munster.

Munster, who also goes by Tess Holliday, said that she loves the Torrid collection because it shows that plus-size women can be sexy too.

And she clearly appreciates being sexy.

Tess made history earlier this year when she was the largest plus-size model to be signed to a major modeling agency.

She's also responsible for the #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign, which encourages women to celebrate their bodies, no matter the size.

Torrid is pretty in love with her too.

Here's Tess talking about her shoot.

"I'm a firm believer that everyone should dress how they want to dress," she said, "and rock what they want to rock."