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    Please Enjoy BuzzFeed's Chrissy Teigen Activity Book

    Print out your very own copy and share with your family!

    1. GUYS, Chrissy needs our help!

    Julie Gerstein / Getty Images

    2. Help get her home!

    Julie Gerstein

    3. Find all the Chrissy-related words in this jumble? (Psst, there's 12 in all).

    Julie Gerstein

    See if you can find: SwimsuitIssue, dog, Chrissy, John, Luna, cookbook, cravings, food, models, bulldog, bikini, and private plane.

    4. Color in your own Chrissy!

    Julie Gerstein /

    5. Pick the correct key!

    @chrissyteigen / Via Instagram: @chrissyteigen

    6. And dress your own Chrissy doll!

    Getty Images

    Nice work, fam!


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