Men Really Need To Start Wearing Crop Tops ASAP

    Stop depriving the world of your midsection.

    Sun's out, and we're so over guns out. Let's usher in the era of the dude crop top.

    It's time for guys to share their bellies with the world.

    How could U be MAD at this BRO?

    Abs or no, it's time to do what Ted "Theodore" Logan would do here, and rock out with your crop out.

    What would young Johnny Depp Do? (WWYJDD?)

    Even baby Will Smith once cropped things up.

    (His son Jaden loves a crop, too.)

    The crop is a no-judgment zone.

    No six-pack, no problem.

    Your boy-belly just wants to roam free.

    So give it...

    ...and us...

    ...all that it desires.