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21 Awesome Places For Guys To Shop In Their 30's

Maybe it’s time to ditch the basketball shorts and dress like an adult.

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1. Asos ($)

Asos is a one-stop shop for both trendy of-the-moment pieces that you'll wear a couple of times and then bury deep in your closet, and wardrobe staples. Aside from their awesome house line, Asos carries more than 200 brands including Cheap Monday, Fred Perry, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Shop if: You're getting older, but you still like going out to the clurb.

4. The Gap ($)

The Gap is a reliable old standby when it comes to denim, basics, and more. Don't expect a great fit, but do expect amazing sales.

Shop If: You need affordable tees, jeans, and simple sweaters. You're not trying to complicate your life with big statement pieces and challenging fashion moments.

6. Uniqlo ($)

Japan's Uniqlo is known for its amazing denim, but that's not the only reason to stop by. They've also got a great selection of outerwear, and activewear collections deigned to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You kind of can't beat that.

Shop if: You're looking for awesomely affordable jeans and a new winter jacket. And oh, also maybe some good workout gear, too. Uniqlo also happens to size a bit smaller, so if you're a slim guy, this is your go-to place.

7. Target ($)

Target is a great go-to for basics, layering pieces and affordable staples you'll want to wear again and again.

Shop if: Your tee shirt supply is running low. You're in need of button down shirts to wear under sweaters. Plus, you can buy Drano and potato chips there so it's a one stop shop for the guy who hates shopping.

10. Filson ($$)

American-made Filson is one of the best names in rugged workwear and well-tailored leather goods. Their coats and bags are organized by activity — fly-fishing, hunting, travel, and fly-fishing to name a few—so that you'll get a garment that's both practical and good looking.

Shop if: You've hunted your own dinner before (or just want to look like it).

15. Welcome Stranger ($$)

Welcome Stranger is made right here in the ol' USA in San Francisco. The brand reflects a simple, rugged and practical aesthetic, and is great for guys who are totally over chasing trends. Their online shop also carries brands like Filson, Woolrich, and Schott NYC.

Shop if: You're ready to have cool, nice things.

18. Hickoree's ($$$)

Brooklyn shop Hickoree's carries fun and whimsical brands like Howlin (pictured)' and Dubbleworks, along with durable and more traditional collections from The Hill-Side and Orslow. Also, they've got a wide array of Japanese pottery, if you're into that.

Shop if: You're sick of looking like everyone else, and you just wanna wear some yellow, goddamnit.

20. Très Bien ($$$)

Tres Bien's offerings lean toward the mega-hip, mega-Euro — stuff like A.P.C., Acne and Alexander Wang. Maybe it runs toward the avant garde, but that never hurt anyone.

Shop if: You're tired of looking like everybody else. You tend to run toward the small or extra small sizes, or like a snug fit. You listen to a lot of weird Euro house music and/or you know/care what HBA stands for.

21. Unionmade ($$$)

Unionmade carries more than 80 menswear brands, including heritage labels like Barbour, Filson and Pendleton; high end designers like RRL and Alexander Olch; and sportswear brands like Converse and New Balance. They also offer exclusive collaborations with companies like Gitman Vintage and the shoe company Alden.

Shop if: You're looking for well-crafted, unique pieces to help take your wardrobe up a notch.

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