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    Piers Morgan Just Got Beautifully Owned By His Morning Show Co-Host And It's Iconic

    "I get annoyed when people can't stop banging on about politics on Facebook." O RLY?

    Say hello to the three cohosts of Good Morning Britain, a morning chat show on ITV. The show's hosted by Charlotte Hawkins, Piers Morgan, and Susanna Reid.

    While Reid and Hawkins aren't as well known in the States, Morgan enjoys a, uh, controversial profile in the US, especially given his knack for inserting himself into any and every political and social controversy.

    You only need to look at his Twitter feed for proof. Here he is on the Greenfell Towers tragedy.

    On Russia and Trump.

    And — oh wow — getting in follower fights with adorably named British titans who seem straight out of a Harry Potter novel.

    Given all of this, it was rather ironic/iconic that Morgan complained to his cohosts today about people NOT KEEPING THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS TO THEMSELVES ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

    This moment was just too beautiful for words, @susannareid100... 😂😂😂 @piersmorgan @CharlotteHawkns

    Piers. Piers, Piers, Piers.

    Without even a dim glimmer of self awareness, Morgan said, "I get annoyed when people can't stop banging on about politics on Facebook. It really annoys me. I've had to unfriend family members. I need some respite. Can't you put a picture of your little kid having an ice cream?"

    And his cohosts are like:

    In response, Susanna Reid said, "I know what you mean. When someone just keeps going on and on and you just need respite and a break. You just wish you could defriend them, but you're just forced every day to listen to their views. I know exactly how you feel."

    And PIers makes the squinty-eyed face of someone who cannot fathom that he's being owned.




    Of course, this isn't the first time poor Reid has had to contend with the blathering nonsense that is Piers Morgan Public Discourse. Please, enjoy this super cut.

    Susanna Reid dies a little inside every time @piersmorgan opens his mouth...

    Piers haters reveled in watching Reid take down Morgan's crepuscular wit.

    Though to his credit, Morgan actually retweeted some of the funnier Tweets around the incident.

    You guys, Susanna Reid is all of us.