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    19 Photos That Will Make Short Girls Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

    Small but mighty and so over your shit.

    1. You're constantly getting neck cramps from looking up so much.

    2. People are constantly reminding you that you're, you know, SHORT.

    3. Mirrors are NEVER at the right height.

    4. You're always trying to catch up.

    5. Getting a squad group shot is next to impossible because it's like:

    6. The summer pool struggle is real:

    7. It can be ~difficult~ to get people to pay attention.

    8. Because:

    9. Your size makes you special.

    10. You can be older but smaller. Which is confusing.

    11. You often become furniture for the Talls around you.

    12. And they frequently organize the kitchen/closets/your life in a way that makes things IMPOSSIBLE.

    13. What is this ~top shelf~ I keep hearing about?

    14. In fact:

    15. Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against you.

    16. So you buy things to help augment your short stature, but sometimes it seems like They Are Out To Kill You.

    17. Despite your lack of height, you still have a big personality!

    18. And there are definitely upsides.

    19. After all: