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People With Periods, What Do You Do With Your Tampons?

Trash, toilet, or nah?

It has recently come to our attention that we don't all dispose of our tampons in the same way.

Mladen_kostic / Getty Images

For those of you who've never experienced a period or a tampon — nope, they're not usually this big.

While it's generally understood that tampons are SUPPOSED to be wrapped and deposited in the trash after use, in reality, some have copped to ~other~ means of disposal.

Liudmylasupynska / Getty Images

Yep, plenty of people actually flush their tampons down the toilet. This is bad because tampons aren't biodegradable, and that ish can clog your damn turlet.

Chesiirecat / Getty Images

Keep in mind we're talking just the tampons and definitely NOT the applicators.

And! to make it more confusing, though Kotex and Tampax say you should never flush, Playtex actually suggests tossing your tamp in the toilet as a potential disposal method in its Tampon FAQs.

Anetlanda / Getty Images

And then there's...what this lady does.

The tl;dr: This woman's boyfriend wrote in to say that he'd found an entire DRAWER stocked with used tampons that she was storing until "they dried out" so she could throw them away. MMKAY.

  1. So we wanna know: What do you actually do with your used tampons? No judgment here!

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So we wanna know: What do you actually do with your used tampons? No judgment here!
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    I wrap them in toilet paper and throw them in the trash.
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    I flush!
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    I do something else that I'll explain in the comments.

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