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    The #InMySkinIWin Hashtag Proves That All Skin Is Beautiful

    Albino model Shaun Ross started a movement to get people to love their bodies.

    This is model Shaun Ross.

    He's appeared in videos with Beyoncé and Katy Perry.

    He's been on the cover of a bunch of magazines.

    He's also an activist responsible for the "In My Skin I Win" campaign, aimed at redefining beauty standards.

    He started the campaign after the mother of a young girl with albinism contacted Ross and asked him to offer some words of support to her.

    Ross also wants to raise awareness about the persecution of people with albinism in parts of Africa — particularly in Tanzania where albinos are believed to possess magical, shamanistic powers and body parts have been sold for "good luck."

    People have been using the #InMySkinIWin hashtag to share images of their beautiful selves.

    People like model Leonie Timothy, who has vitiligo.

    And the mom of this cutie pie.

    This gorgeous gal.

    And this beautiful woman.

    "I want to teach people to be comfortable as who they are," said Shaun in a 2014 TED talk. "I want them to love themselves completely as who they are."

    Shine on, Shaun!