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    People Are Unleashing Their Pettiest Subtweets Thanks To This Dude's Twitter

    "Bitch uses healing crystals and doesn't shower and has the nerve to come for ME?"

    Meet Corey Kindberg. He's a social media manager living in NYC.

    On Monday, Corey kindly offered to tweet out any ol' subtweet that people were too scared to tweet out and BOY DID PEOPLE TAKE HIM UP ON IT.

    Suddenly Corey's DMs were ON FIRE. "A majority of the tweets are from people I don't know at all," he told BuzzFeed. "There's a few in there that are from friends but it's mostly just random strangers sliding into my DMs."

    People's subtweets were big...


    ...and small.

    Extremely small.

    Shit got really real.

    And oddly specific.


    There were sick burns.

    And profound realizations.

    And actually? Well, this is troubling.

    So what did Corey learn?