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People Are Sharing Why They Didn't Make The Olympics And They're Hilarious

Weirdly, eating cake is not regulation competition yet?

On Thursday, the hashtag #Didn'tMakeTheOlympicsBecause started trending on Twitter.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause "How Many Times Can I Drop My Phone Today" is not an Olympic Sport...yet.

And people had jokes for days.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause I was caught playing with one of the Olympc rings.

Some lacked basic Olympics understanding.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause this is what I thought curling was

Others' skill sets didn't really match up with, you know, the qualifications.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause apparently tweeting with no pants on isn't an Olympic sport.

Others had all-too-specific interests.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause the only ice I’m interested in goes in a Gin & Tonic !

Sadly, running away from responsibilities isn't an Olympic event (yet).

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause running away from my responsibilities apparently don't count.

Others were prevented because, well, beautiful things like chocolate cake exist in this world.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause umm you know cake

But hey, don't get too upset. We're all good at SOMETHING, even if it isn't luge/snowboarding/ice hockey.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause downing @Whataburger French fries in record time, apparently isn’t a sport

And hey, maybe one day your category will make it in.

#DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause there is no category for ‘Eating a whole pizza alone on the couch while watching Game…

Then again, maybe not.

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