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Taylor Swift Didn't Go To The Women's March And People Are Mad

"You do not get to pick and choose when feminism benefits you."

Taylor Swift says she's a feminist. She has a huge ~girl squad~ and is proud to support her women friends. Girl power is literally her brand.


See Swift's "Bad Blood" video for proof.

But while tons of celebrities turned out to numerous Women's March demonstrations on Saturday, including Rihanna...

Rihanna is in the crowd outside of Trump Tower


Couldn't be more proud....I am here, we are here!!! #WomensMarch

and Miley Cyrus...

Miley Cyrus taking part in the #WomensMarch in LA!

Swift was conspicuously absent, sending her support via this tweet:

And that pissed off some of her fans who felt that Swift was a fair-weather feminist.

Many wondered why Swift didn't get out into the streets.

Some felt she hadn't done enough during the election season to support causes close to women and girls.

Vocal detractors included the band Best Coast, who commented in support of a critical fan on Swift's timeline.


Some were truly bewildered.

And others were straight up SKEPTICAL AF.

But other fans came to Swift's defense:

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    If she's going to call herself a feminist, Taylor should have marched.
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    A tweet was fine!
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    It's none of my business...but I'll share my thoughts with you in the comment section.
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    I honestly don't care what Taylor Swift does.

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