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    27 Outfits For When You're Totally Over Being A Human

    Be the cat/dog/pillow face you always wanted to be.

    1. Box.

    Have you met my friend Box? This is Box.

    2. Dirigible.


    3. Cat.

    Cat in the hat? No way. Today YOU ARE THE CAT.

    4. Yarn.

    Yarn monster, coming through.

    5. Breakfast.

    Girl, you make me so hungry.

    6. Dresser.

    Wear clothes? Nah, store clothes.

    7. Birdcage.

    Cool egg hat sold separately.

    8. Piano.


    9. Mac Shells & Cheese.

    Elegant pasta.

    10. Shrub.

    Cool hiding spot.

    11. Flattened Wile E. Coyote.

    99 Roadrunner problemz.

    12. Glove box.

    You are a walking lost and found.

    13. Elephant.

    Congratulations you are a large mammal with cool tusks.

    14. Grey Rabbit.

    This guy.

    15. Anthropomorphic traffic cone.

    Hi guys!

    16. Hellraiser.

    Get back in the puzzle box (Ps. nice dog blazer!)

    17. Lobster.

    Nice claws!

    18. Picnic Lunch.

    Doing food wrong.

    19. Foil Cupcake Tins.

    Delicious shiny object.

    20. Shipwreck.

    Wow, you're a mess.

    21. Clogged sink pipe.

    Uh-oh. Plumber's snake needed.

    22. Machine gun.

    So tough!

    23. Iceberg Lettuce Wedge

    So fresh!

    24. Cloud.


    25. Piano Bench.

    Lessons not included.

    26. Cthulhu.

    BRB, haunting your nightmares.

    27. Bubble.