Nivea Says It's Sorry For An Ad Boasting "White Is Purity"

    Le sigh.

    On Wednesday, the German skin care brand Nivea pulled an ad for its Invisible deodorant with the tagline "White Is Purity" after an internet outcry.

    A representative for Nivea's parent company Beiersdorf told the New York Times that the ad was meant to speak to the idea that the color black was "strength" and white was "purity" — the two colors of the deodorant can.

    The gaffe was compared to Pepsi's Kendall Jenner protest commercial.

    Some questioned who exactly was in the room when these advertising decisions were being made.

    Some wondered if there was a damned conspiracy.

    Though at least a few alt-right supporters took the ad literally.

    Nivea also got in trouble for its 2011 ad that depicted a black man whipping off his Afro and "re-civilizing" himself.