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Nicole Richie's Sister Sofia Is A Model Now

And she's BFF with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Meet Sofia Richie, the 16-year-old model sister of Nicole Richie.

She's fond of clogging up her Instagram with selfies. Because she's 16 and super pretty, duh.

And she posts tons of candid shots of her older sister, too.

~empty plate of chili cheese fries. YUM.~

But she's also a MODELLLLLLLLL, because of course. Here she is on the cover of a magazine called, um, Nation Alist.

And here she is in the pages of Teen Vogue.

This is actually some advertorial for Olay, but whatever.

She also just did her first major interview with, where she talked about her friendship with Kylie and Kendall Jenner and talked about growing up with with big sister Nicole.


"I don't think I could ever do runway [like Kendall]," said Sofia of her friendship with the Jenner sisters. "I definitely envy her. I think she's so dope for going that route."

~slight shade or slightest shade?~

~slight shade or slightest shade?~

As for big sister Nicole? Sofia can thank her for the early curfew.

"My dad is more strict because of my sister. I feel like now he’s on the preventative side—it’s not like I’m doing anything bad, but he went through all that with Nicole, so he’s just strict to prevent it from happening again."

So apparently Lionel Richie watched "The Simple Life," too.

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