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    Murder She Look Is Gonna Be Your Mom's Favorite New Instagram Account

    And probably yours too.

    Oh, Murder She Wrote. The best murder-mystery show starring an old lady of the '80s.

    So how thrilling is it that someone created a frigging Instagram account — Murder She Look — devoted to the glorious fashions of Murder She Wrote?

    CBS / Via

    They just don't make hunks like this anymore.

    CBS / Via

    Did this woman murder everyone in Cabot Cove? Probably.

    CBS / Via

    This lady is definitely hiding her psychopathic tendencies behind those fashionable oversize frames.

    CBS / Via

    Do you live for this ultra-suspicious white-on-white ensemble?

    CBS / Via

    This teen's hair hides all the seeeeeeecrets.

    But don't worry, JF is on it.


    H/T Piper Weiss