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ModCloth Employees Modeled Its Swimwear Collection To Promote Body Diversity

"We want women to see these photos and feel good."

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"We're providing a counterpoint. We want women to see these photos and feel good. See them and think, I can totally rock that swimsuit!" she told BuzzFeed Life.

Courtesy Modcloth

That's Anthonia Persad, one of Modcloth's customer advocates, BTW.

"Self-acceptance is this finicky idea that's easy to talk about, yet seemingly such a feat to conquer," DiClaudio told BuzzFeed Life.

Courtesy Modcloth

"It took a few minutes in front of the camera to realize that by participating in this campaign, I was actually agreeing to recognize and acknowledge my own beauty," she continued. "It was a powerful moment that completely changed me for the better."


The response from ModCloth's customers has been overwhelming.

Courtesy Modcloth

"Social media blew up with accounts of customers who identified with one of us," said customer advocate Ingrid Taller, posing on the far right. "'I'm like the blonde!' or 'I'm the redhead!' showed up on Facebook and Twitter threads.

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