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Michelle Obama Dressed As Beyoncé In Honor Of Her Birthday And She Totally Nailed It


Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have a friendship going back years. Like, all the way back to 2008, when Barack Obama won the presidency and Bey performed at his inauguration.

They hang out with each other on epic girls' nights.

Never Before Seen private footage of Beyoncé, Solange & Michelle Obama! #ByeFelicia 😂👋

And the former first lady is hugely supportive of her famous friend.

Always inspired by your powerful contributions @Beyonce. You are a role model for us all. Thank you for investing i…

Which is why Michelle decided to honor Bey's 36th birthday by posing as Beyoncé in her "Formation" video.

It's kind of perfect, no?

A bunch of Bey's other famous friends — including Serena Williams — also posed for the photo series, which was posted to Bey's official website.

Kelly Rowland showed up.

Even Jay-Z's mom, Gloria Carter, joined in!

But it's the Michelle Obama pic that's truly #goals.

Michelle Obama as Beyoncé in Formation extended my life expectancy and paid off my credit card bills 😍😍😍

Honestly, same.

The fact that Michelle Obama and Beyoncé like to hang out together makes me so happy

Best Bey Day gift ever?