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Rihanna Found The Badass Desi Babe In Her Video On Instagram

Sanam won't take your shit.

If you saw Rihanna's new "Bitch Better Have My Money" video, perhaps you remember the cool as hell Desi girl who starred as one of RiRi's henchwomen.

Here she is keeping Rih's snack game tight.

And making sure that the gang's captive doesn't get ~outOFhand~.

Her name is actually Sanam, and she was discovered by Rihanna via Instagram.

She's actually a visual artist and works in a plant store — she'd never acted before "BBHMM."

In an interview with Vice, the Seattle resident recalled that Rihanna had actually been nervous to message her.

And filming with Rih was a charm.

So while she might try to murder her accountant and his wife in her music videos, Rihanna's a total sweetheart in real life, says Sanam.


Good times.