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Maybelline Just Hired A Guy To Be The Face Of Its New Mascara

Say hello to Manny Gutierrez.

Oh, this gorgeous face? It belongs to Manny Gutierrez, makeup artist extraordinaire and the first man to be chosen to rep for i-con-ic makeup brand Maybelline.

Gutierrez is following in the footsteps of James Charles, who was chosen last year by CoverGirl to be its first-ever male spokesperson.

Maybelline chose Manny as one of the new faces of its Colossal Big Shot mascara campaign for his VERY ON-POINT EYE MAKEUP LOOKS. Also because he's already amassed more than 3 million Instagram followers. WOWZA.

Here he is with fellow campaign star Shayla Mitchell coveting dat mascara.

And here's his actual lashes, BTW.

But despite being a total makeup baller, he's not afraid to look less than perf sometimes.

Just more proof that he can SLAY. ALL. DAY.