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"Mad Men" Costume Designer Janie Bryant Has The Best Instagram Ever

For "Mad Men" super fans, of course.

Praise Draper, Mad Men finnnnnalllly returns for its very last episodes this Sunday.


But in the meantime? You should check out the Instagram account of Janie Bryant.

Who's that? Just the woman responsible for all of Mad Men's stellar costumes.

Bryant doesn't just simply source a bunch of great vintage pieces, she also creates a lot of the '60s looks from scratch.

In addition to showing you some awesome behind-the-scenes shots from MM, Bryant's got an insane back catalog of cool vintage images and inspirations.

Like this 1970s Vogue mag editorial shot by Yasuhiro Wakabayashi.

Want more? Here's another '70s Vogue pic, shot by Irving Penn.

And here's Mick Jagger and Fran├žoise Hardy, the sexiest sex symbols of the '60s.

But who are we kidding? You're definitely here for Mad Men.

Here's one of Janie's TBT's to Mad Men's second season.

When Don and Betty were still together and pretending to be happy.

And could you even imagine Peggy looking so demure these days?

This is from the second season, too.

She shares sketches of some of her favorite looks.

And talks about the specific inspirations for the garments she designs.

She also happily answers fans' questions about the fashions she's used on the show.

For instance, did you know that the hat Peggy's wearing here is called a "halo" hat?

Plus, she posts sneak peeks of what the women will be wearing in the final seven episodes.

So what are you waiting for? Follow her already!

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