The "Love Your Lines" Project Promotes Body Positivity One Stretch Mark At A Time

    "My lines remind me of what I have conquered."

    The Love Your Lines Instagram account was started by two mothers who wanted to share and celebrate the stories of real women's stretch marks.

    More than 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks, and rather than hide them, or try creams and potions to make them fade, the account's curators wanted to celebrate the experiences that give our bodies character and strength.

    Ever photo tells a story.

    "Growing into womanhood has taught me to love every little thing about me including my 'love lines," wrote this woman. "I know God didn't make any mistakes on me."

    "I am 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy," wrote the woman who submitted this photo.

    "Once upon a time, this belly housed a baby," reads the caption on this photo.

    It's also a space for women to talk freely about the transformations their bodies have gone through.

    This woman's kidney's failed in 2005, and her stretch marks are a result of rapid weight gain following that experience.

    The project is a small step in helping some learn to love their bodies. "Imperfections are what makes us perfect. Easily said, harder to fully embrace ... true nonetheless."

    h/t HuffPost Women