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    A Meme About Taylor Swift Is Being Used To Teach The History Of "Bad Bitches"

    It turns out bad bitches are all around us.

    OK, so back in early November, a fan of Taylor Swift asked their Twitter followers to "name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift."

    Twitter: @xnulz

    The post garnered nearly 5,000 replies.

    And as expected, the snarky responses rolled in.

    But then something kind of amazing happened.

    Twitter began sharing and celebrating the stories of "bad bitches" and incredible women throughout history who've been overlooked and underappreciated.

    The thread turned into a potent and powerful history lesson featuring 16th-century warriors...

    ...Indian aviation pioneers...

    ...anti-colonialist resistance fighters...

    ...and groundbreaking gender pioneers.

    There were ancient pharoahs.

    And Holocaust survivors.


    Some, like Nellie Bly, fought to expose injustices.

    Others, like Kathrine Switzer, broke barriers and fought for rights that we now take for granted.

    Many, like Sophie Scholl, gave up their lives in the pursuit of their causes.

    Some of the stories were personal:

    And often they were more than a little surprising:

    The whole damn thread is worth a read. (And has already inspired me to update my Amazon wish list!)

    So, moral of the story: There are MANY bad bitches out there — including Taylor Swift, sure — and we should do better at recognizing and remembering all their incredible stories.

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