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    Kate Pierson Of The B-52s Just Married Her Longtime Girlfriend And It's Everything

    Love shack like whoa.

    This lovely lady is Kate Pierson, of the band the B-52s.

    Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    You may remember them from one of the greatest summer jams ever, "Love Shack."

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    Does anybody know what "tin roof rusted" means? No.

    The band had hits with "Roam," "Deadbeat Club," and a slew of other songs.

    She was also the magic chanteuse in R.E.M.'s iconic "Shiny Happy People."

    She has the best bouffant in the biz.

    Over the weekend, Kate wed her longtime partner Monica Coleman in Hawaii.

    Facebook: katepiersonofficial

    The pair have been together since 2003 and run Kate's Lazy Meadow and Kate's Lazy Desert hotels together.

    The pair wore matching cream and pink dresses and flower leis.

    Facebook: katepiersonofficial

    Kate's bandmate Fred Schneider made the best man speech at the wedding.

    Mazel tov, you two!