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J. Crew's Latest Collection Was Designed By A 4-Year-Old

Instagram star Mayhem made the cutest kids' clothes ever.

Remember Mayhem? She's the 4-year-old wunderkind fashion designer whose mom chronicled her super-cool paper dress designs on Instagram.

Her spot-on copies of celebrity masterpieces were cute as pie.

Her dupes were so good that people started noticing — including the folks at J. Crew.

Last December, they invited Mayhem and her parents to their New York offices to create a capsule collection for J. Crew's kids' line, CrewCuts.

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew

She worked with some of J. Crew's in-house designers to carefully create her pieces.

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew

The collection utilizes her favorite colors — gold and coral.

How happy is Mayhem about it? Jumping up and down with Jenna Lyons happy.

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew

Here she is styling one of her models.

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew

And hanging with some pals in her collection.

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew

Her favorite piece? The romper. "I love it!" she said.

You can find the whole 10-piece collection available on J. Crew's website.

J. Crew

Thanks, Mayhem!

Bryan Derballa / Via J. Crew