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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    It's Take Your Dog To Work Day Today Which Is The Most Magical Day Of The Year

    If it's not taking your dog to work, well, consider your life choices.

    You guys, it's Take Your Dog to Work Day, aka the best day.

    Some people are lucky enough to take their pups to work every day.

    And others work from home and have 24/7 dog access.

    But for the rest of us? This day is a sacred, beautiful day to be unexpectedly surrounded by floofs.

    Some doggies are really chipping in.

    Just look at all the filing she's getting done!

    They're really doing their part.

    While others, eh, they'll think about it.

    Sorry, this guy is probably not going to help you finish your TPS report.

    And this lil' buddy isn't gonna help you prepare for that big presentation.

    Hey, listen, they're not always the most productive coworkers.

    But they're definitely the cutest.

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