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    52 Awesome Clothing And Shoe Hacks To Save You So Much Money

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    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Spray your sweaty clothes with lemon juice and water before you wash them to reduce potential sweat marks and discoloration.

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    Read more about it here.

    2. Get a stuck zipper unstuck by rubbing some crayon on both sides of the zipper.

    (It's best to match the crayon color to the zipper). Get the full instructions here.

    3. If your stiff leather jacket isn't to your liking, you can loosen it up by getting it wet and stretching in it a bit.

    Jenny Chang

    Learn more about how here.

    4. Reduce drying time by wrapping your wet clothing items in a towel and then squeeeezing them.

    5. Never lose another effing sock again: Wash your socks in a lingerie bag.

    This one is $12.

    6. can also use lingerie bags to wash stuffed animals.

    Valengilda / Getty Images

    7. Rethread a hoodie string that's gone rogue by stapling the string to a straw and pulling it through.

    It basically works as a large needle.

    8. Or attach a safety pin to the end of a rogue drawstring to push it back in place.

    9. You can un-shrink a sweater by soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Find out more here.

    10. Invest in a lint and fuzz remover to keep your sweaters looking like new.

    This one retails for under $10.

    11. And try a razor to get rid of pills from an old hoodie or sweatshirt.

    12. Got a salad spinner? Use it to dry hand-washed clothes. It'll save you tons of time.

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    13. To prevent an angora sweater from shedding all over the damn place, place it in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer for three hours.

    Shake it after you take it out of the bag to remove excess hair.

    14. Here's an easy way to keep your dark-wash denim actually dark: Add vinegar.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Read more about it here.

    15. Skip the softener but use a little lavender essential oil in your laundry for the best-smelling clothes ever.

    Nikilitov / Getty Images

    Simply add 12 to 15 drops of the stuff to your liquid detergent and mix, before adding to your machine. Here's more on how to do it. And if you don't love lavender, feel free to use another essential oil!

    16. So you sat in some gum. NBD! Get it out by freezing it and then scraping it off with a butter knife.


    17. You probably already know how great clear nail polish is at stopping runs in tights, but it's also great at preventing loose buttons from falling off. Just slather a tiny amount on your loose button threads.

    Julie Gerstein / BuzzFeed

    18. Get rid of gross thrift store smell with distilled white vinegar!

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    You can either pour it in a bowl and hang your clothes over the vinegar for a few days or spray the garment with vinegar. Read more about it here.

    19. If you don't have an iron (or don't feel like firing yours up) here are some other methods of getting the wrinkles out of your clothes.

    Yumi Sakugawa / Via

    20. If you need to quickly repair a flip flop, drop a tiny bit of water in some super glue. It'll help the glue dry more quickly.

    21. Got a pair of jeans that are too small? Don't throw them out! Alter them with this simple hack.

    22. If you ain't got time for that, simply use a really strong rubberband!

    Et voila! Read more about it here.

    23. Give your ironed clothes a minute or two for the heat of the iron to set in before putting them on.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    24. Got a bra with a painful underwire? Apply some soft moleskin padding to that pokey wire to make it more comfortable.


    You can buy padding for just $1.67 a pack and it works wonders.

    25. Baby powder works wonders at getting oil stains out of your clothes.

    For optimal results, brush or shake on powder, sweep off excess, and then let the powder sit for several minutes.

    26. Shaving cream works great to remove makeup from your collar.

    Bananastock / Getty Images

    27. If the oil stain's already set in, you can try a mix of WD-40 and baking soda. Find out how here.

    Arm & Hammer

    28. Stumped on how to remove weird stains from your shirt? Let this chart help:

    Yumi Sakugawa / Via

    29. To get out annoying ink stains, spray hairspray or hand sanitizer on the spot and then wait 10 minutes.

    Stockbyte / Getty Images

    Read more about this life-changing technique here.

    30. Got grass stains? Try 1 tablespoon dish soap and 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.

    Sergei Chumakov / Getty Images

    Pour onto the grass stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse and then wash as usual. Read more about it here.

    31. Acrylic paint can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol and elbow grease. See how to do it here.

    Greg801 / Getty Images


    32. The most tried and true ways to get red wine out of a shirt are to apply salt or club soda to the spot.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Read more about it here.

    33. Believe it or not, WHITE BREAD can actually get out lipstick stains.

    Andrewsafonov / Getty Images

    For best results, cut off the crusts, wad up the soft center into a ball, and then blot away. When you're done, throw the shirt into the wash.

    34. You might just wanna keep this chart handy.


    35. And this one, too.

    36. Bread ALSO removes dirt stains from suede shoes.

    Just use stale bread to gently wipe away the stains.

    37. The best hack for horrible heels? Tape your third and forth toes together to help your achin' feet.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    38. Stop smelly shoes by placing dry tea bags inside them.

    Showcake / Getty Images

    The tea bags will absorb your gross foot smell.

    39. Orrrr use dryer sheets to get rid of gross odors.

    40. Use a bike repair kit to fix holes in your shoes.

    Rubber is rubber, after all. Here's how to do it.

    41. Keep your boots lookin' good by using pool noodles to keep them upright.

    Love those noods.

    42. To stretch out a pair of too-small leather shoes, put 'em on with a pair of extra thick socks and blast the blow dryer on them.

    Julie Gerstein / BuzzFeed

    43. Ever lose the tip of your heel? Carry a pair of Quick Tips with you at all times to repair busted tips.

    TOTAL GAME-CHANGER. Just $7.99 a pair.

    44. Get rid of heel blisters by applying clear deodorant to the inside of your shoes.

    Grinvalds / Getty Images

    It'll decrease friction, promise.

    45. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are pretty much game-changers and are great at getting tons of gunk and dirt off your sneakers.

    Give 'em a try — you can buy an 8-pack for $6.99.

    46. Look instantly more put-together by mastering this simple T-shirt tuck technique.

    47. Get the most out of your clothes by using this little tip to transform a dress or baggy shirt into a snugly fitting shirt.

    48. Try a side tie instead of tying straight in the middle for something a little different.

    49. Get the perfect shirt cuff with this simple technique.

    50. Get that super chic fashion editor lewk by tucking in just one half of your shirt.

    It's a tiny thing but it makes a huge difference.

    51. Class up your outfit by hiding your knotted shirt under a belt, like so:

    52. This is the best way to get your jeans to fit snugly into your boots.