The New Wet Hot American Summer Documentary Looks Totally Perfect

    And probably tastes like a burger.

    Have you watched all the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp episodes, but still want more?

    Well, good news!

    Netflix and iTunes released a new documentary about the making of the original film.

    It's called Hurricane of Fun and it comprises some 25 hours of footage taken while making the original film in 2000.

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    Most of it was filmed by director Amy Rice while the cast lived together at the camp, killing time and goofing off in between takes.

    Watch Gene humping the fridge behind the scenes.

    And catch a glimpse of a baby 25-year-old Bradley Cooper talking about how he ~just graduated from college~.

    “We’re at a camp with no rules, and now we’re all in our thirties, so we really know how to party," Amy Poehler explains of the on-set vibes.

    You can check out the hourlong documentary on Netflix, which is great because now: