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    Shaun White Is Super Hot And I Don't Know How To Deal With This

    Let's discuss.

    Hi. So, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has been around for a hot minute. Here he is in 2009, when he was just 22.

    And here he is in 2013, at age 26.

    Well. Shaun's now in his 30s and MAN, do they agree with him.

    He has aged like a FOINE wine. This is Shaun White now.

    He poses pensively in the woods in turtlenecks and shit.

    He takes moody Instas.

    And I dunno...LOOK AT THIS.

    Did he just come off the set of a The Heights reboot?

    Oh hello, do you need help taking your shirt off?

    I dunno guys. He's suddenly really friggin' cute.

    And, like, ruggedly "I-built-my-own-cabin-I'm-a-man-o-da-woods"-ish.

    So yeah, I dunno. This is certainly a strange new development.

    BRB, gonna go contemplate my life choices now.

    But what do you think? Are you suddenly, mysteriously attracted to Shaun White now? Always were? Share in the comments!

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