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19 Times Giving Side Eye Is The Only Correct Response

I've got side eyes on the back of my head, you monsters.

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1. When someone tries to tell you leggings aren't pants.


2. When some douchenozzle tries to mansplain feminism to you.

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3. Or tries to tell you that women should stop fighting for equality.


4. When any man #NOTALLMENs you.


5. Any time a guy tries to tell you you should just "chill" or "calm down" when you're already friggin' calm.


6. When some nasty boo boo head at work or school tries to take credit for the WORK THAT YOU DID.


7. When your mom says your dating standards are too high and you should just SETTLE.

8. When someone gets on a crowded subway train wearing a goddamn huge ass backpack and doesn't take it off.


9. When a guy starts trying to talk to you again only after you post a fire selfie.


10. When a stranger asks you if you're pregnant. AND YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT.


11. When somebody tells you they're full after only one slice of pizza.


12. When you order bunch of food from Seamless and they give you silverware for three people because they think there's no way that food can be just for YOU.


13. When grown adult men cannot get over the damn fact that women have MENSTRUAL PERIODS.


14. When something claims to be one-size-fits-all and that is MOST DEFINITELY not true.


15. When someone tries to "health-splain" to you why they're "concerned" that you should eat better or exercise more.


16. When someone you don't know calls you "sweetheart" or "honey" or "doll."


17. When someone begins a sentence with "No offense, but..."

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18. Anytime someone starts a sentence with "Well, ACTUALLY."


19. Just generally, whenever someone thinks it's okay to waste your time, energy, or emotional strength with their petty bullshit.


There are LIT-RALLY not enough side eyes in the world for this.

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