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15 Photos That Show Just How Insane Olympics Opening Ceremonies Are

This shit is bananas.

1. Oh hey, here's a human tower.

2. The Moscow games also featured hundreds of spectators creating a huge Masha the Bear image in the crowd.

3. During the 1992 winter Olympics in Albertville, France, each of the countries was represented by a snow globe. A person had to walk in a human-sized SNOW GLOBE.


4. Also, this happened.

5. And why not have a guy jet-pack into the 1984 Los Angeles opening ceremony, NBD.

6. Here's Bjork singing at the 2004 Athens opening ceremony, in a dress that basically fills up the whole stadium.

7. Also, there were a bunch of people dressed like Greek statues, too.

8. Here's a bunch of people drumming in sync.

9. Gigantic jellyfish? Gigantic jellyfish.

10. Just some huge-ass inflatable Olympic rings.

11. Just a bunch of terrifying children in costumes representing the Olympic rings.

12. And ahhhhhh! What are these giant puppets?

13. When a large egg was hatched, whatever.

14. When these large, plush owls took center stage.

15. These ladies, who are dressed like big-ass flowers, were also there.

Happy opening ceremony, you guys!

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