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    18 Photos That Show Just How Amazing Nurses Have Always Been

    Nurse or superhero?

    1. Fact: Nurses have always been amazing.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Even when, for some reason, they've been illustrated to look like birds, as in this drawing of nurse Florence Nightingale as a bird.

    2. Want proof? Here's the mother of all modern nursing, Florence M-Fing Nightingale tending to a patient even though he looks grumpy AF.

    General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

    3. Here's a nurse tending to patients in the middle of a damn Civil War battlefield.

    Getty Images / Hulton Archive

    4. And during World War I nurses BRAVED THE DAMN TRENCHES to care for soldiers.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    5. Check out these baller Queen Victoria nurses just lounging in the grass and shit.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    6. Nurses have always done WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done — including snowshoeing to work if that's what's required.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    This nurse in Alaska knows what's up.

    7. When supplies are limited, nurses — like this one tending to patients during the Boer War — make do with whatever's available.

    Henry Guttmann / Getty Images

    8. Nurses don't just tend to wounds, of course. They also offer tender and necessary care, like this nurse feeding a little girl in an orthopedic hospital.

    A. R. Coster / Getty Images

    9. They take care of the young...

    General Photographic Agency / Getty Images

    10. ...and the very old...

    Console / Getty Images

    11. ...and occasionally, the very furry.

    Fred Morley / Getty Images

    12. Nurses are some of the first people you meet in the world.

    Fpg / Getty Images

    13. And also some of the last.

    William Vanderson / Getty Images

    14. They do the things you're unable to do for yourself.

    Reg Speller / Getty Images

    15. They cheer you up when you're sad.

    Erich Auerbach / Getty Images

    16. Sometimes they even make sure you're fed.

    Ray Moreton / Getty Images

    17. And so for everything they do, we say THANK YOU!

    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    18. Because nurses have always got your back.

    Kaye / Getty Images