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    18 Photos That Show Just How Amazing Nurses Have Always Been

    Nurse or superhero?

    1. Fact: Nurses have always been amazing.

    2. Want proof? Here's the mother of all modern nursing, Florence M-Fing Nightingale tending to a patient even though he looks grumpy AF.

    3. Here's a nurse tending to patients in the middle of a damn Civil War battlefield.

    4. And during World War I nurses BRAVED THE DAMN TRENCHES to care for soldiers.

    5. Check out these baller Queen Victoria nurses just lounging in the grass and shit.

    6. Nurses have always done WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done — including snowshoeing to work if that's what's required.

    7. When supplies are limited, nurses — like this one tending to patients during the Boer War — make do with whatever's available.

    8. Nurses don't just tend to wounds, of course. They also offer tender and necessary care, like this nurse feeding a little girl in an orthopedic hospital.

    9. They take care of the young...

    10. ...and the very old...

    11. ...and occasionally, the very furry.

    12. Nurses are some of the first people you meet in the world.

    13. And also some of the last.

    14. They do the things you're unable to do for yourself.

    15. They cheer you up when you're sad.

    16. Sometimes they even make sure you're fed.

    17. And so for everything they do, we say THANK YOU!

    18. Because nurses have always got your back.