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This Little Black Dress Is The Answer To All Your Holiday Party Problems

It's all in the accessories.

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For: When you're headed to drinks with your significant other's kind of annoying work friends.

Because: It says you're super classy but you're pretty fucking fun, too. Plus the necklace will keep you entertained when your bae's work buddies start telling the same boring stories over and over again.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Tone Bolt Earrings, $48

• Steve Madden Caydence Kitten Heels, $99.95

• With Love From Ca Textured Leaf Necklace, $13

For: Your friend's holiday Secret Santa swap.

Because: Hey, maybe there'll be someone cute there. And some mistletoe.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Nadri Tiny Channel Hoop Earrings, $40

• Vintage Velvet Clutch and Matching Wallet, $35

• Ted Baker Bead Cluster Necklace, $79

• Olsenboye Women's Booties, $40

For: A holiday charity event.

Because: You want to be the mysterious classy lady in the really cool wrap.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Stolen Dance Cuff, $24.95

• Holiday Soiree Capelet, $30

• Aldo Hendon Bag, $40

• 9 West Heels, $35

For: Your best friend's cheery engagement party.

Because: It's engagement season and you're so happy for her but also you're going to need a little extra sparkle to sort through all your emotions. So many emotions.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Carlos by Carlos Santana Frida Clutch, $58.99

• Coast Eve Floral Necklace, $80

• Aldo Passarello Heels, $79.98


For: A hip gallery opening or play.

Because: You want to look cool, but also not like you're trying too hard. (SIGH. THE ETERNAL STRUGGLE).

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Betsey Johnson Flower Cuff, $67.99

• J. Crew Shaped Choker, $98

• Steve Madden Ankle Strap Heels, $129

• John Lewis Clutch Bag, £55.00

For: Your office Xmas Extravaganza (and spiked eggnog-athon)

Because: The sequined jacket says "I'm FUN" but also "I'm going to do my best not to be the drunkest person here tonight."

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Aldo Luvian Clutch in Midnight Black, $35

• Abercrombie and Fitch Cardigan, $58

• Talisa Bootie, $32

For: Your parent's annual wacky holiday party.

Because: It's cute and girly, and the vintage poinsettia brooch will give you something to chat about with the cousins you only see twice a year.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Dorus Mhor Red Silk Gold Marquise Earrings, $40

• Vintage Red & Pink Poinsettia Brooch, $20

• Smoky Lucite Clutch Box, $44.95

• Michael Antonio Love Me Heels, $30

For: That insane rooftop New Year's Eve party you magically scored an invite to.

Because: The chunky heel will save your feet, and the sparkly crop adds edge.

• Asos Curve Body Conscious Dress with V-Neck, $34.11

• Studded Sensation Clutch, $35

• Anni Jurgenson Dangle Feather Ear Cuff, $50

• Lise Green Sequin Mesh Back Crop Top, $56.25

• Sharyn High Shine Peep Toe Booties, $49.27