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23 Hot Dudes Who Prove That 2014 Was The Year Of The Man Braid

Sorry, man buns.

1. First of all. Hello. This is Cary Joji Fukunaga. The man who electrified the world with his braids and his face and his braids. HIS BRAIDS.

Getty Images Frederick M. Brown


Let's take another look, shall we?

Getty Images Kevin Winter

2. This brought man braids to our attention. And then we couldn't get enough. Check out this perfect beard/braid combo.

4. And complex tails that would make any Pinterest girl proud.

5. Some guys accessorized with the tiniest of baby braids.

6. While others went for loose and unruly braids.

7. Beautiful patterns emerged.

9. Some were worn exclusively in front.

10. There was the heretofore only heard of but never seen mullet + braid combo.

11. And beautiful braids that waterfalled down the sides of their faces.

12. There were complex designs.

13. Like, really complex designs.

14. They were paired with sunglasses for maximum cool effect.

15. Small braids that made bigger braids.

16. Braids worked into beards.

18. They were freestyled into amazing cornrow looks.

19. Man braids even had a ~high editorial~ moment.

20. And walked down the runway on model Philip Muscato.

Oh, hello.

21. Even horses jumped on the trend.

Yes, even horses.

23. We're seeing them with brand new eyes.
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