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    H&M Recalls Anti-Semitic Tee

    The company has offered up its "sincere apologies."

    H&M pulled a controversial shirt from its shelves on Monday, after consumers complained that it was anti-Semitic.

    The shirt was first noticed by Times of Israel blogger Eylon Aslan-Levy.

    "At first I was taken aback," wrote Aslan-Levy. "Then I was slightly amused, because this design was obviously a horrible mistake; then I began to wonder whether I was simply being paranoid – perhaps only Jews immediately think of a Jewish symbol when they see two overlapping triangles, and perhaps worrying about a symbol of death emblazoned above the iconic Jewish hexagram was simply my Jewish anxiety in overdrive?"

    Combining the Jewish star of David and a skull, says Aslan-Levy, recalls "a long history of associating Jewish symbols with Satanic imagery."

    Since Aslan-Levy first published his piece on Monday, H&M has recalled the men's shirt, citing public objection.