These Terrible Knockoffs Are Why You Shouldn't Buy A Wedding Dress Online


    Sure, ordering at dress off the internet seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Except! When it gets to you and it's not at all what it looked like online.

    Disgruntled brides-to-be have taken to Facebook pages like Knock Off Nightmares to post their frustration with sites that falsely advertise their bridal gowns.

    Knock Off Nightmares warns that ordering from cheap online retailers that promise to you an "unbelievable" bargain gown or a beautiful designer dress for a tiny price are most likely scams.

    A beautiful picture on a website is no guarantee.

    The problem is when sites use designer stock photos to try and sell designer knock off dresses.

    Or how about this one? How is the gown on the right at all similar to the one on the left? Like, at all?

    This thing is most definitely not that thing.

    Nope, not even close.

    And it's not just wedding dresses, either.

    This one just looks sad.

    Instead of risking getting a less than great dress from a less than reputable website, Knock Off Nightmares has a few suggestions.