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    Here's Everything Your Shape Says About You

    Love your shape, let your shape love you.

    Uh, ~face shape expert~ Jean Haner says she can tell whether you're a straight up drama queen or a perfectionist or a control freak JUST FROM THE SHAPE OF YOUR FACE.

    Feels like a distant cousin of this.

    Anyway! WE CALL BULLSHIT. Because we ACTUALLY know what your shape says about you. Read on to find out more.

    Triangle says it loves what you did with your hair.

    Pentagon says you love too easily and can get hurt.

    Square says you'd be much better off on a vegetarian diet.

    Octagon keeps her mouth shut. Good friend. But hexagon on the other hand...

    Hexagon says that lately you've been hanging out with Candace too much and she's no good for you because Candace is a crazy fucking drunk and she's bringing you down and did you really need to drink 8 vodka and Cokes the other night, you were WASTED girl.

    Circle hated your last three boyfriends, tbh. Circle thinks you should take some time to be alone and really figure out what you want because you keep dating people who don't put you FIRST.

    Oval would really like you to lose ten pounds because she just cares about you so much. It's not HEALTHY says oval, not that oval's a doctor so maybe oval should just shut its mouth.

    Honestly, rectangle has just been in such a funk lately that it's not even like it has any energy to expend on your problems so maybe it's time to give rectangle some space and let it work out her issues.

    Trapezoid just misses the days before you were out with Candace every night, and wishes you could just hang out and watch Felicity again.

    No lie, rhombus is just a total bitch. UNFRIEND IMMEDIATELY.