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Here's What A Bunch Of Your Fave Scene Kids Look Like 10 Years Later


1. Kiki Kannibal aka Kirsten Ostrenga

Then: Yikes stripes

Now: Pigtails

2. Audrey Kitching

Then: Pink hair

Now: STILL pink hair

3. Hanna Beth

Then: Hoops

Now: Headbands

4. Zui Suicide

Then: Tutus

Now: Topknots

5. Jeffree Star

Then: Made-up eyebrows

Now: Makeup mogul

6. Jac Vanek

Then: Blonde extensions

Now: Boho chic

7. Airica Macabre

8. Hilary Haywire

Then: Safety pins

Now: Chokers

9. Victoria Murder

Then: Fake lashes

Now: Finger tats

10. Cameron Ugh aka Cameron Clayton aka Farrah Moan

Then: Dry bangs

Now: Drag queen

11. The Millionaires

Then: Big bows

Now: Big hair

12. Amor Hilton aka Amoraí Nicolè

Then: Cheetah

Now: Cheetah

13. JJ Demon aka John Shinners

Then: Straight iron

Now: Gel

14. Izzy Hilton aka Luna Lovebad

Then: High-tops

Now: Topknots

15. Dani Gore aka Dani Artaud

Then: Hello Kitty

Now: Neon stripes

16. Vanna Venom

17. Scotty Vanity

Then: Highlights

Now: Lowlights

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An earlier version of this post misspelled Kirsten Ostrenga's name.