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    Here's What $1,100 In Rent Will Get You In America's Ten Biggest Cities

    TL:DR: We should probably all move to San Antonio already. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. First of all, this apartment in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn is ACTUALLY a room share. That's how expensive New York is. It's virtually impossible to find a one-bedroom anything nearrrr $1,000.

    Rent in Bed-Stuy averages around $2,100 for a one-bedroom apartment.

    The room is going for $1,100 a month and amenities include a "virtual doorman," central heating and air conditioning, and laundry in the building, which is a HUGE deal if you live in NYC.

    The cons: You're living with a stranger.

    2. This West Hollywood one-bedroom is cozy and close to anything you'd ever want.

    Plus, there's a porch and patio.

    And BONUS: The building is pink! How cute.

    3. This one-bedroom in Chicago's North Side neighborhood will run you $1,100 a month.

    So what do ya get for your money? Internet, heat, and water are included. Plus, the apartment has hardwood floors and two closets. TWO CLOSETS!

    4. This two-bedroom, $1,100 bungalow in Houston, TX, sits on more than acre of land.

    This house is around 1,000 sq. ft. and is centrally located in the Second Ward neighborhood of Houston.

    It also features a p. big kitchen.

    5. In Philadelphia this trinity home (aka three-story house) is going for $1,150.

    6. Despite being a three-story house, it's only 600 sq. ft., so don't try and move your extended family in or anything.

    On the plus side, it's in the Queen Village/Pennsport neighborhood, and extremely conveniently located.

    7. This Phoenix, Arizona, two bedroom house is renting for $1,100.

    This house includes two bedrooms and hardwood floors throughout. Plus, BONUS — it has a detached 300 sq. ft. studio space.

    8. This cute lil' house in the Midtown section of San Antonio, TX, will run you $1,095.

    This two bedroom has more than 1,400 sq. ft. and also has a backyard patio.

    The house features newly renovated hardwood floors.

    10. Apartments in the Broadstone Ambrose complex in Dallas, TX, start at $1,086

    The complex includes a fitness center and a p. awesome pool so you can *live your best life.*

    Plus, it's in the Deep Ellum neighborhood, which is full of bars and restaurants.

    11. And finally, if you're looking in San Jose CA, there's the Miraido Village apartments, where a one bedroom apartment will run you $1,046.

    Some of the apartments even have balconies, if you're into that kind of thing.

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