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Sorry But These Moon Drop Grapes Are Kinda Freaking Me Out

Abso-fruit-ly not.

Y'all, these are Moon Drop grapes. They are longer than regular grapes, and supposedly delicious.

They are pretty intense looking, right?

MOON DROP GRAPES are carefully cared for, allowing them to hang longer in the sunshine, in order to reach their abs…

Moon Drops are cultivated by a place called The Grapery, which also produce these jammers, called Tear Drop grapes.

But IDK, these Moon Drops, they are They're kind of blowing my mind about what a grape can and should be.

Like...that's a finger-sized grape!

Moon Drop Zip Top Grapes shaped like zucchini squash

And I'm not the only one who's weirded out:

my mom just compared moon drop grapes to eating little penises

But listen, apparently they're amazing.

I just found out today that Moondrop grapes exist, and they are delicious.

And people love them...

  1. Would you/have you eaten them?

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Would you/have you eaten them?
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    I have some complex feelings about Moon Drop grapes I'll explain in the comments.